Jackie Viens

Jackie Viens

Branch Administrative Assistant


My path toward a financial career started in high school, when I decided to take bookkeeping. I aced the course and discovered that accounting was the job for me.

My career began at Monarch Life Insurance in Springfield, Massachusetts, in the audit department. I was so proficient and organized that by the time I left that position 12 years later they had to hire two people to take my place.

After my late husband retired, we moved to Florida. I did tax returns for a couple of years, then worked at First Union as a teller before moving on to Merrill Lynch, where Michael and Lew met me. It was thrilling to join Landsberg Bennett. That was three years ago, and this has to be the best place I have ever worked.

My job is incredibly diverse—setting appointments, answering phones, making deposits. It allows me to touch on so many aspects of the firm and our clients’ lives.

In my spare time, it’s competitive bowling, quilting, and all kinds of needlework. My quilts and needlework tend to wind up as gifts to friends, clients, and neighbors. Staying busy, even in my downtime, relaxes me.

At Landsberg Bennett we know our clients very well. Seeing them come through the door always brings a big smile to my face. Chatting with them, making them feel comfortable—it’s all part of customer service, which comes first with me and always has. First impressions, even on the phone, are so important. Even when talking on the phone I’m smiling, and people can hear that. That’s very important to me.

My dad was from Quebec City so I grew up speaking French, which has come in handy throughout my career.

What’s most unique about working at Landsberg Bennett is that we are not a group of people who work alongside each other—we’re a team that works together. We feel that makes a big difference to us and to our clients.