History Fed estate tax

History of the Federal Estate Tax

The history of estate taxes in America has been a long and winding…
Property Ownership
family limited partnership 001

Could My Family Benefit from a Family Limited Partnership?

Effective estate planning should address wealth transfer from…
wealth replacement

How Can I Benefit From a Wealth Replacement Trust?

Charitable giving can be a rewarding experience by allowing you…
charitable remainder trust 001

How Can I Benefit from a Charitable Remainder Trust?

Sometimes it takes tough economic times and natural disasters…
Benefit Charitable Lead trust

How Can I Benefit from a Charitable Lead Trust?

Charitable lead trusts are designed for people who would like…
Gifting Stategies

What Gifting Strategies Are Available to Me?

There are a number of different gifting strategies available…
Benefit from AB Trust

Can I Benefit from an A-B Trust?

Married couples have several ways to potentially avoid any estate…
How will I pay estate tax

How Will I Pay Estate Taxes?

Estate taxes. It’s not enough to simply know they exist and…
control distribution 001

How Can I Control the Distribution of my Estate?

There are a number of ways your estate can be distributed to…