Understanding You

Retirement should be a time to reap the benefits of your life’s hard work. But even affluent individuals may question their preparedness for the active and engaged retirement they often desire.

Our financial planning process begins with defining and prioritizing your goals. First, we explore your objectives and aspirations as well as any financial concerns you may have. These often include:

  • Will I outlive my assets or will my assets outlive me?
  • Where and how will I get income in retirement?
  • Will my spouse be financially taken care of if I pass away?
  • How much investment risk should I take?
  • Are my assets protected from lawsuits?
  • Who will get more of my money my heirs or the IRS?
  • How can I leave a lasting legacy?

Together, we prioritize your goals including your estate, legacy, education funding, philanthropy, real estate and other major purchases, travel, health care to help ensure that we are both focused on achieving what you value most.

Only after we’ve fully understood you and your goals do we begin developing and implementing your wealth management plan.